hungry much?

Note to Self: some days you don't feel hungry at all. because all the emptiness in your belly is filled with joy. you have many of those days, don't you? it is those days where you're hungry all the time that are quite rare. which is why you munch on old boost while watching supernatural... Continue Reading →


should i stay or should i go?

Note to Self: permanence is a lie. every single person you hold dear has the potential to not be dear to you. they could walk out of your life or you could kick them out or they could simply jump off the roof and die and break the glass vase of impermanence over your head.... Continue Reading →


when she cries, her tears make silver patterns across her cheek; all your palms yearn to do is to cup her face and tell her she was brave that she meant the whole world and a lot more to you. you think of her as stars. all over the world at the same time, coming... Continue Reading →

not a piece of shit.

Note to Self: don't take shit from people. you're not a trash can. i know, i know somedays it feels like you're the queen of all trash cans but you've just got to trust me on this. don't take shit that you're not entitled to. don't throw shit at people either. Veven if they deserve... Continue Reading →

sweet child of mine

there is a sensation that settles on your shoulders, it feels like a child that you are piggybacking, which clings to you while laughing. only sometimes, this child isn't laughing. come to think of it, i don't think that child ever laughs. it doesn't weep either. it merely grips your shoulders tighter as the days... Continue Reading →

light and dark

Note to Self: you will never learn how to cut people out. toxic people have a way of creeping back under your skin. they will leave their footprints across the insides of your wrists, urging you to reach out and pick up a sword to slice them. because then you won't see the footprints anymore.... Continue Reading →


Note to Self: curling up helps. lying on that spot of your bed after a tiring day without even changing out of your dusty jeans helps. not moving from that spot, sending mechanized responses to your contacts helps. not responding when your father calls you to dinner because you don't have the motivation to do... Continue Reading →


six months. still learning how to heal. still figuring out how the world can be deceived into working normally without you. six months. still sad. still miss you. still wish i could have done something more. eclipses come and go and today, i feel your loss a little more sharply. because i was alone here,... Continue Reading →

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