six months. still learning how to heal. still figuring out how the world can be deceived into working normally without you. six months. still sad. still miss you. still wish i could have done something more. eclipses come and go and today, i feel your loss a little more sharply. because i was alone here,... Continue Reading →


to time

some days are for tucking your feet beneath you on a chair, to read a book for hours on end. some other days are for hiding yourself from the world cocooned in your favourite blanket, dozing for sixteen hours. some days are for watching clouds, counting stars, dancing in the rain and petting strays. and... Continue Reading →


oh well this is cozy, i guess. it will eat you soon enough, living in the cramped spaces of your bitterness. cramped spaces where you've got to share oxygen with toxic people. let it go. don't sink into that black hole. yes, you want to punch her for being her. but making people pay for... Continue Reading →


#allthingshome (ix)

Dear Nimmy, I know I've said it before, but sometimes I want to thank you for being the happiest star in my life. I don't know how you feel pain Nim. I don't know if it's like being stabbed by a knife sort of pain or a hitting your hand on a door ledge kind... Continue Reading →


l o v e

Note to Self: stop trying to find where the pain comes from. you will only discover what you already know. that all the paths, lead to love. 13.01.2018



Dear Amma, I'm sorry that I let you die. Love, Pattu. 19.01.2018 / 22:48 p.m. / 173 without you. the unsung story of you // 23



i'm glad that i did not find angels in your eyes. if i thought i had, i now know it to have been a mirage. because like they did my heart, your demons swallowed your angels and spat out a lineage of torment. 17.01.2018



there's only pain. but sometimes it looks beautiful so i walk up to it and let it devour me. take it from me, soon enough your tongue feels foreign without salt coating it, water slides down your cheeks and seeps within the pressed lines of your lips. white. pain looks beautiful. some days, pain looks... Continue Reading →


#allthingshome (viii)

counting stars has never been an easy task. all i can do is lie on my back and breathe in their silent beauty as though they were oxygen and I, wheezing through asthmatic lungs. gazing at you is like gazing at stars. it's a rush of oxygen that propels me away from cliff's edge, making... Continue Reading →


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