​barmecide ~ (adj) illusory or imaginary and therefore, disappointing. there once was a boy i knew,  back when i was tall enough to reach my father's knee:



apricity ~ (n) the warmth of the sun in winter.  there is a flower here that grows pink and pale like my winterkissed cheeks.

the grief pallette 

grief is a funny emotion, Amma. you spend the days before it hits believing that it paints our lives in monochromatic shades, but no; you are left with a set of color pencils wondering what shade your grief will take; my grief is a different shade every day. my grief looks like a rainbow on... Continue Reading →


on the 1st of August, 2017, a day and few hours after you left, thatha walked up to me and asked me if i'd write you an eulogy. i did not think it possible for my heart to shatter any further than it already had, but it did. he was smiling, just like i was;... Continue Reading →

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