Starlight Symphonies 

Stars sing strange songs, darling. 

They are the bearers 

of history; 

the witnesses 

who live to tell the tale

aeons later;

Don’t pay mind 

to your textbooks, darling;

listen to the songs of the stars, 

for the truth 

is held in the folds 

of their light, 

and their patterns 

across the blue canvas 

of the sky. 

They are the 

rightful occupants 

of the witness boxes, 

the evidence of Human Crime

and of Human Goodness;

For contrary to popular belief, 

the truth needn’t

always be ugly, darling;

It has been penned 

across their surfaces, 

the deeds of makind, 

their good hearts 

with a dangerous twist

and their brave ambitions

at the threshold of foolery. 

So when you look

to the skies tonight, darling, 

remember, that your story 

is being watched 

and documented,

that your misery 

and tears 

have not gone unnoticed;

Your name is made a legend,

like every other name; 

each a unique story 

with a precious person. 

And the watcher 

who comes after you, 

a few thousand years later, 

he will know it too;

that his story 

is a legendary one, 

and will live forever

in the songs of the stars,

that will resonate

with his name. 


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