My eyes are more than brown. They've been to places everyone goes to in their own personal ways and when they returned to the reflection in front of me, they were brighter and happy being brown.


sculpting kisses

there is a place where I remain, tethered at the edge of something sensational and satisfying like the pauses, the still in the air before you leaned in to kiss me. now you've gone as one with the wind chasing monuments and gales of laughter tucked within the lines of your favorite books and you've... Continue Reading →

Pretti-fied Stories

let's be honest, we all want pretty words. And pretty words only. We want them to give our minds something just as pretty to imagine; 

it’s reigning men

there was a chain you wore around your neck, clashing with your t-shirt, dangling a million pieces of a million broken hearts, each holding a million stories of a million lifetimes, that you stole like the wallets from their bedsides in the wisps of an early dawn, after a night of whispered scandals spent within... Continue Reading →

Starlight Symphonies 

Stars sing strange songs, darling. They are the bearers of history; the witnesses who live to tell the tale aeons later; Don't pay mind to your textbooks, darling; listen to the songs of the stars, for the truth is held in the folds of their light, and their patterns across the blue canvas of the... Continue Reading →

The Reading Life

You know the manner in which we read a sentence in a foreign tongue? Every letter, every accent, every space; they all matter. After every single word, we gain a new meaning. And as we make our way slowly across, our mouths articulate the words while our minds string together one meaning after another like... Continue Reading →

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