Remembering Shades of Green 

Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot? Not at the beach or across the concrete choking this city. But the last time you let your feet trod across wet soil and felt a sleeping life form pulse beneath them? Do you remember the last time you tilted your head back to enjoy the rain, guffawing out loud, without someone having a camera poised to capture your fake joy. When you climbed a tree and just sat there, nestled in those large arms that span this earth?

Or do you at least remember the last time you jumped into a lake with all your clothes and laughed when you surfaced for oxygen only to cough out water through your nose? The last time you took a stroll down a nature park and lazily ruffled your hand through the bushes, paying heed to the “Do Not Pluck” Signs? When was the last time you silently ignored spiders or worms instead of drenching them in bug-spray?

When was the last time where you just smiled. One tiny, simple smile when you did all that? Because those moments are worth that tiny tilt of your lips which can fight anything the world throws at you.

But they aren’t what we live for. We are Urban Creatures, glued to the dim glow of LCD lights, denying ourselves those moments of connection with a different kind of Tranquility.

We will never walk barefoot and if we do, we would romanticize it in our stories or the better word would be Snapchat stories. We won’t ever go on long walks or climb trees and be satisfied with just the magnitude of pure bliss it brings.

We have forgotten to find these moments.

And when we do, we cannot contain their secretive bliss with ourselves. And that is why we shall never find joy. Because when Nature sheds her clothes and leads us down a Pleasure Path that we have never experienced within our concrete jails, we don’t keep quiet. Instead we go tattling her little secrets in town.

And that is why I bid farewell. I am about to find a tiny crook for myself in the arms that will always take me in. And if you change your mind; if you manage to walk barefoot across wet soil and connect with the pulsing life beneath, I am certain that we can find a niche for you too.


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