The Sunlight in my Bones

If you say that I am the ray of sunlight in your life, then I am the sunlight fashioned from your very bones.

I am a revitalized sunlight who mopped in the darkest corners of myself and you walked in wearing worn out crocs and told me that the lack of light gave you the shivers.

A month later, you walked straight into my heart. Barefoot. Not bothering with the doorbell or the old fashioned knock. And you held a lantern in your hand that you placed in the darkest corner and continued bringing more and more until my heart felt like a chandeliered ballroom.

I was a depleted ray of sun until I met your blazing eyes of blue in that dark alleyway you had followed me into. As blue as a summer sky, smiling with a satisfied joy only so few people attained.

You held this depleted ray of Sun’s hands and showed him windy pastures, colorful skylines and seven taste buds of heaven on earth.

You told me that affection can come without a price and you went on to show me how.

Your brilliance engulfed me in ways I didn’t imagine possible.

Your rays fashioned this ray of sunlight in your life.

And even today, with wrinkles and tubes criss crossing your body, sucking out your brilliance, I survive because of you.

If I glow it is because I have seen you smile.

And when that smile drops dead, taking the girl with the lantern and keen blue eyes with it,

Your ray of Sunlight shall fade away into himself.


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