Break and Repeat

Why is breaking things such a huge deal?

Be it a plate, desk, vase. A relationship.

Why is it such a bad thing?

Yes, we are left with broken pieces in our palms that might make us bleed. But we could always choose to put it back together. All we have to do is set the pieces down carefully, in a safe place, find some glue or tape or whatever kind of recovery suits us best and go about the process, carefully, with all our hearts.

But you see the problem doesn’t lie with breaking things. Nobody has any setbacks when it comes to that because if we did, we would not have accepted it as part of a life routine.

Break and Replace and Break and Repeat.


We have a problem with what is broken.

When a whole is fragmented, it loses its beauty. It’s worth. And we cannot look for the beauty in broken. Not through our eyes or our souls. And neither can we find the beauty in what we can put together. A rickety material pieced together with utmost care. Nope! Who or what can find some value in that?

We cannot find happiness in broken things.

If we did, then maybe we would all come to love ourselves wholeheartedly.

Because afterall, aren’t we all just assembled fragments of broken beauties put together?


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