When it Rains

When it rains tomorrow, remember that the water offers redemption. That you do not get drenched only when you feel blue. You could enjoy it too, let it revitalize you and put a smile on your face. All you need to do is pull off the hood of your raincoat or tilt your umbrella a little to the side and confess.

Confess to the littlest of things that pricked your guilty conscience.

Confess to the forbidden fantasies tucked safely away in that corner of your brain that offers you guilty pleasure.

Confess to enjoying life a little despite its inevitable nature to suck pretty much everyday.

And lastly,

Confess that it feels good to let the rain seep through your clothes and your skin and trickle all the way down to your soul.

For one moment, do not worry about ruining your jacket or your hair or your sneakers. Do not worry about colds or muddy puddles.

Do not ruin the moment by letting out your inner, dormant hypochondriac. Your crops will bear harvest, your deadlines will be met, your mother will pull through dialysis, you will get that job.

It will be okay. So let go of your worries and relax.

But I am not asking you to be positive.

I’m asking you to step outside the loop of worrying, slipping and sliding from one problem to the next, constantly grappling with thin air for solutions and hitting imaginary walls with bound hands.

Step outside it.

Soak in the downpour.

And maybe, just for a moment, hold on to positivity. The hope that it can be okay.

In that one moment, where you tilt your umbrella and raise your head to the falling drops,



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