Drowning in Time

What if time was an ocean that we were born into?
Would we learn to swim with the current? Letting it take us wherever it wishes to go? Never stopping at exotic islands or waving at ship crews as they pass us by unless the current halts there; and forever denying our curiosity to explore, or to let it overtake our need to survive?

Because it is easier to survive, is it not? To be with the current than to swim against it.

And that’s the alternative.

Swimming against the current requires strength. And discipline. How else would you wade through it when a storm befalls?

You can’t turn your back on the current, one moment and flow with it the next.

Choosing to go against the will of nature, to oppose the serene, brewing might of the ocean, is choosing to fight. You do not make this choice to sit in the bleachers and applaud.

You choose it to be in the ring.
You fight against the current. And get a hell lotta bruises. That’s the bad part.

The good part is, you could swim to deserted islands and befriend exotic monkeys, if you wish to. You could wave at ships that pass by and maybe even hop on board, for a while. You could do as you pleased and the current could go to hell.
But if you cannot fight or you have lost the will to do so. Or if you do not want the current to propel you anymore and do not wish to fight,


That’s what the third alternative is for.
You could always drown.

Let the water wrap you in a cool, refreshing embrace. The waves could even sing you an elegy. And you will remain safe with the ocean. Always. For Time, in the most ironic of ways, is endless. And therefore, timeless.


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