Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine,
There will come a day, now don’t ask me when. But it will come at it’s own leisurely pace, when I will leave you.
You know I will.
You knew I was impermanent when you took me under your wing, that I too would walk out and that I too would break your heart in the same way I put it together;
Piece by piece, with utmost care for the nuances, with a smile.
And you would let me do it, just like you let me be the glue despite knowing quite well that glue never succeeded at keeping things together.
You would let me break your heart and let me leave with a knowing, kind smile.
But before that day arrives in a suprising fashion, I wish you to know something.

I have this vision: that my soul glows yellow, the happiest shade of yellow you can imagine, when it comes in contact with specks of vitality and magic that are sprinkled over this universe like chocolate shavings over ice cream.

And while it has throbbed golden on rare occasions instead of it’s usual mystical blue, my soul possesses all the hope and joy of a summer’s day and emits all the yellowness it can when it is around you.

So when I leave, I will pour every last drop of that liquid embrace into your spirited soul and leave none for myself. Because yellow belongs to you and my joy, my radiance, I owe to you.

So remember this vision: I will leave, I will break your heart in the most artistic ways I can. I will not bore you with the ways of the sane.

I will also leave my soul and my existence in your tender hands, to hold for eternity.


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