The “M” Word.

“Hush, now!

Hold out your palm. Come on now, do as I say.

There you go.
What is it, you ask?
Why, it is magic of course! And look, I brought along a pouch for you to put it in. That is, of course, until you figure out where it should belong, because enclosed by the darkness of leather is the last place for magic to be. Come now, if I told you that, I would ruin the joy of discovery. No, I shan’t tell you. You ask yourself and you shall find an answer in time.”
“Oh yes, my dear, I remember you. You did very greatly indeed. I was there you know; right from the time you turned away from me to kick your mother’s belly one last time. You dropped a morsel of magic on her breath when she left the tenderest of a kiss on your nose. You blew a few morsels over your father’s shoulder too as he taught you how to operate a computer and remained oblivious that he held on to those morsels while he drew his last breath. My personal favorite was when you skated into the dark haired twenty five year old and went down with her to meet the ice while accidentally spilling half the pouch on her. Her, who rose first and pulled you up by the arms like she would so many times after.
You were also a little careless with the magic, my child. You left it with wicked people, the magic stealers: that woman at the store who looked like she needed a hug or a smile or a chocolate chip cookie sometimes, the man who warmed himself under the covers of your nosy neighbour, the Labrador who had one wall of four in your room, all to himself, whose pictures you gazed at fondly for so long.
But you did well.
I see you have brought along your laptop up here. They usually take away that kind of stuff at the gate, you know. It hinders with the magic, you see? But then you invested some morsels in that metal you carry too.
Yes, that is precisely why you have been allowed to keep it.
Alright, come along now! I haven’t got all day. We need to find you a pair of wings and have you still a hold on that pouch I gave to you, dear? Very good then! You shall have to pass it on. To whom, you ask?
To your fairy godchildren, of course!”
But first, Hush.
Close your eyes and dream.


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