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my body was  a battleground sprayed with purple stars  that died long ago forming a constellation enveloping my soul lying dead in the rainbow rainlight 

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Your Grey Embrace

You tilted your head back and blew a thin stream of smoke. And I gazed at you and wondered, does it make you happy?

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The Shadows are Whisperers and I am so sorry that you heard them and saw them.

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Soap and Water

i have a blue mattress at home. on some days, i like to rip away its bedsheets and curl up on it. i've known it for twelve years; it reminds me of my mother when she was healthy. it reminds me of my father when he didn't have worry lines etched all over his spirit.... Continue Reading →

a ballad for empty

I think I'm a wound waiting to be cut open. A mass of tranquil emptiness. People try to put things inside me. Things like love and empathy. When they get thrown into my emptiness, I strain to hear the sound of them crashing into the bottom. Silence greets my ears every single time. Sometimes I... Continue Reading →


when something in you breaks, please mend it. sit down and pick up a needle and teach yourself to sew, slowly. don't hurt yourself. don't give up on yourself. because nobody else is going to raise battle axes for your fight if you don't. 08.04.2018 The April Challenge // Day 8 Image Source: Pinterest

liar, liar

ten years from now, if someone asked me about you, i'd say that you were quite surreal. i'd say there were never truths or lies. there were only words and a perfection of intonation that would never let me decide if you were built of lies or reality. you always had a pretty song to... Continue Reading →

all pretend.

once, someone asked me to draw a pretty picture of the life i wanted for myself. maybe i should have worked out that the first clue to figuring out how i truly felt about you was right under my nose when my pencil easily forgot to sketch your silhouette next to mine. this poem will... Continue Reading →


a desperate part of me, that will always burn with hatred at the sight of you, wishes that others could see the evil lining your eyes. i sometimes wish to wrap my fingers around your petty existence and squeeze it all out. all of it that makes you what you are. i wish i could... Continue Reading →

little too much.

i think you're a little lonely. but that doesn't mean i would pass my time sitting by your side, waiting for you to notice me. 'cause you see, your loneliness seems like a facade to me. you don't know how to fill in all the empty spaces in your body — you don't know how... Continue Reading →

falling in love with you.

sometimes, you seem like someone i could fall in love with. sometimes, you don't. during those times, it feels as though all my nightmares come true and i can find them all in your eyes. you don't seem very nice during those times. i used to think that your skin was soft but it took... Continue Reading →

~ why.

falling in love with her felt like accidentally biting your tongue. your eyes teared up, some blood was drawn and it was all over in a second. and for months after that you went, fuck. fuck. that fucking hurt.   07.04.2018 out of love // 06   The April Challenge // Day 7 Image Source:... Continue Reading →

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